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General Information

General Information

General Information

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The staff and independent contractors associated with Genesis Behavioral Center keep client information confidential; however, within the clinic, consultation and/or supervision between professional clinicians may take place.  The consulted professionals are bound to keep information confidential.

You and your legal guardian will be asked to sign an “Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information (PHI)” in order for you, your attorney, insurance company, other doctors, etc. to obtain a copy of your medical records.

Generally, privacy laws protect the confidentiality of all communication between you and your provider.  However, the following exception may require us to release information:

  • If a judge subpoenas your records or testimony by Court Order.
  • If it is believed that a child, elderly person or disabled person is being abused, your provider is required to file a report with the appropriate state agency.
  • If it is believed that a patient is threatening serious bodily harm to another person, protective actions may be taken, which may include notifying the potential victim and/or police.
  • If a patient threatens to harm him/herself, protective action may be taken which may include contacting 911 Emergency or contacting family members or others who can provide protection.

Genesis Behavioral Center, its employees, and all independent contractors in its association cannot be held responsible for mishandling of your medical records once they are released from the premises.

Legal and Court-Related Matters

Dr. Williams and the providers with Genesis Behavioral Center do not participate in court-related matters, such as divorce or child support cases.  However, if court-related work is required, the practice’s costs related to that work are the sole responsibility of the patient and/or their responsible party and will be billed to same.  These matters include but are not limited to: preparation, communication with involved parties, depositions, testimony, standby efforts, attorney fees, and other costs incurred as a direct result of the matter.

Other Services

Letters, forms (school issues are exempt), medical records will be charged appropriately, depending on the complexity.  Contact us for details at 210.404.9696.

Prior Authorizations for Medications for the initial/annual renewal are at no charge.  Appeals may be charged appropriately.

Termination of Doctor/Patient Relationship

The provider reserves the right to terminate the doctor/patient relationship at their discretion.  Reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to: failure to comply with treatment plan, untimely unpaid balances, history of missed appointments, tampering or refusal of drug screen, verbal abuse of staff and lack of a good fit.  The patient (or the patient’s legal representative) has the right to terminate treatment at his/her discretion.  Upon either party’s decision to terminate the relationship, the provider will continue care for at least 30 days and recommend more appropriate resources.

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